Austrian Interdisdiciplary Study on the Oldest Old (OEIHS)

The Austrian Interdisciplinary Study on the Oldest Old (ÖIHS – as per the acronym in German) investigates health as well as living conditions and support situation of Austrian individuals aged 80 and older – a group of citizens about whom only limited information existed at the beginning of this longitudinal study, despite increasing relevance to demographics and public health.

The data collected is of practical and decision-making relevance and will support the federal, regional and local authorities as well as private service providers when it comes to:

  1. Planning demand-oriented and needs-based supply and social structures for intra- and extramural care
  2. Evaluating the efficiency of activities in the social service and healthcare sector and in health promotion
  3. Comparing the situation in Austria within the international context (and to other European and international studies on people aged 80+)
  4. Reaching the investigated age group adequately and in a convincing manner and providing appropriate options for a life characterised by self-determination, participation and improved health.


3 Waves: 2013-2021

Wave 1: 2013-2014
Wave 2: 2015-2018
Wave 3: 2019-2021

Sample size

Wave 1: 400
Wave 2: 474, of which 203 new
Wave 3: 717

Sample population

80-85 years; 80-89 (Panel)

Sample residence

80-85 years; 80-89 (Panel)

Survey mode

Quantitative and qualitative:

Face-to-face, questionnaire-based interviews, geriatric assessments.

Longitudinal or cross-section study

Longitudinal and cross-sectional study

Panel and trend design

Data sources

Geriatric Assessment:
(Screening by Lachs), Walking test, three-word clock test

Main topics

Health and illness in old age
General life situation, care and support
Quality of life
Life design
Future prospects


Survey of the current state/progress;
Investigation of the health, living and care situation of people over 80 as a demographically as well as socially and health policy highly relevant population group.

Scientific domain

Social Science, Interdisciplinary Studies

Age studies subcategories
Oldest Old Study (80+)

Andreas Stückler, MA


Stückler, A., & Ruppe, G. (2015). Österreichische Interdisziplinäre Hochaltrigenstudie. Wien: ÖPIA.

Stückler, A., & Ruppe, G. (2018). Österreichische interdisziplinäre Hochaltrigenstudie. Wien: ÖPIA.